The Theatre Hall
At the Theatre Hall the adventures of Princess Kitana and her friends are being told. And here thou also find everything that is related to fantasy. There are ready-to-play adventures and many more stuff for fantasy role-playing games as well as the Kitana comic and fan fiction tales. Since Kitana's world Morgua itself is a fantasy world full of magic and miraculous creatures, here at the Theatre Hall thou will learn everything about the wonderful world where Kitana lives. Here thou will get descriptions of the most important locations and the most famous persons of Morgua. And thou can study the world map of Morgua here and many many more things like Kitana's fantasy art gallery with innumerable pictures of Kitana and other heroes and fabulous creatures and locations of Morgua. Whenever there is a new adventure of Kitana it will be told at the Theatre Hall and written down in a book or colored comic book so thou can read it yourself.
Here thou can find:
The Kitana comic
Doorway to the entryhall
Kitana Comic forum Kitana Comic
Kitana Comic story The world of Kitana
Kitana Comic story The world of Kitana
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