Morgua is a fantasy medieval world full of heroes, magic, knights, and romanticism. But it is also a world full of wars, misery, poverty, and oppression. While the noblemen live in wealth, the common people often starve. Trade and growth thrive in the cities but in the countryside there is poverty.
The world known to the humans is the continent Morgua. But only a few of them can tell what is in the northern part of the continent. Then beginning with the North-Forest the country becomes a rough wilderness. It is said that there is the land of the elves where they flew to during the war against the orcs. Now elves have become rare in the realm of humans.

On the other hand dwarves are quite common, although most of them live far away from the human towns in their hidden subterranean mountain cities. But dwarven traders and warriors are also seen often enough in the human cities.
Other creatures of fantasy such as trolls, kobolds, faeries, and even unicorns and dragons, live in the wide plains and forest and the deep moutains of Morgua. They avoid the big towns because they fear the humans - or in case of trolls and dragons because they fear to cause a crowd panic. But off the roads and the cities lone travellers sometimes meet such creatures that others only know from faerie tales and legends.
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