He is the strongest warrior of the tribe of the Vahali. At the age of 20 the male warriors of the tribe leave the village and travel around the country. During their years of travelling the warriors explore the world, gain experience in surviving, and search for a master of martial arts who will teach them. When they have perfected their own combat style then they are allowed to return to the village of their fathers.

But things will go in a different way for Beron. A natural desaster is burying his village under 10 feet of snow. So he must cancel his training and hurry to help his tribe. The tribe of the Vahali lives nearer to the fearful Temple of Doom of the dark priests of Mor-Durag than anybody else.

Now he has to face the greatest challenge of his life and must pass through the forbidden savannah Alamari to find the Temple of Doom and to save his village.
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