The gods have sent the Princess of Angels to the world of man to aid them in their hopeless battle against the dark priests of Mor-Durag. But even she failed against the power of the Priests of Doom. All she did was to save a small group of knights from death - and to thwart the dark ritual for another 170 years.

Feeling guilty and being discontented with herself she decided to stay at the world of the mortals and henceforth help the poor and the weak and the oppressed and the diseased. So the dwarves of Turion built a great castle for her located on the top of an always snow-covered mountain deep within the Mountains of Solitude. From there she starts her flights over the land to bring hope and aid to the humans.

Only a few beings know of the existance of the Angel. And those who have found Kitana's Castle will either follow her or keep the secret.
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