The Temple of Doom

169 years have passed now. It is a tranquil, sunny morning of July at the small village of the tribe of the Vahali at the edge of the Alamari-Savannah. The last years have been quite peaceful. The shaman had ordered that nobody should enter the forbidden savannah, to avoid calling up the wrath of the priests of the Temple of Doom. And so none of the village inhabitants has dared to enter the savannah during the last 50 years. Although it has plenty of food and the surrounding countryside is very poor, the fear of even the name of this place is far too great. But all this shall change today.

The sun is burning down on the arid and dried up ground from the cloudless sky, when suddenly a loud thunder from the sky frightens the peasants in their fields. Something big and red is flying close to their heads to the south. It is flying very fast over the savannah and disappears to the horizon within a few seconds. Worried about this the peasants hurry back to their village and report that they have seen a dragon.
Only few hours later the sky abruptly turned dark and it begins to snow. More and more snow falls down from the sky. After one week Snow covered village only the roofs of the houses are visible under the snow. Even during the winter it almost never snows here in the south of the continent. But this huge amount of snow is quite unbelievable to the village inhabitants. Their harvest on the fields is frozen and buried below several metres of thick snow. Their cattle are either frozen to death, or imprisoned and starving in the snowed up stables.

The village elders deliberate very long on this and finally come to the Council of the elder decision to call for their strongest warrior, the mighty Beron who is on his years of travelling. Only he is strong enough to face the forces of nature.
Also the Princess of Angels, who lives on her remote castle in the Kitana Mountains of Solitude far away from the towns and villages of the humans, has noticed the heavy snow storm in the south. So not only Beron arrives in the snowed up village but Kitana, too. Together they go to the forbidden savannah to solve the mystery and to save the village.

On the way they meet the beautiful and mysterious elven sorceress Kira Kira who joins them. They learn what really happened in the savannah one week ago and that the snow chaos is only the beginning of the upcoming events.
Their journey takes the three heroes to the most wicked city in the entire At Sin-Varro country, to Sin-Varro, also known as the city of sins. There they have to overcome many dangers and challenges and to thwart the plans of the priests of doom. The adventure begins.
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