Kitana and Beron meeting in the snow-coverd savannah At the elder council
Kitana: I don't get scared by this name.
Beron: And I come along with her, too. What are we waiting for?
Elder: Wait Kitana. Why are you doing all this and endanger yourself for us?
In the temple catacombs
Kitana: May I take you for a ride, strong man?
Beron: I'm Beron from the tribe of the Vahali.
I'm on my way to my home village.
There they need my help.
Kitana: I'm Kitana. On my pegasus we'll get
there faster.
Kitana: I hope your book
isn't wrong here ...
Beron: Stay close behind me!
Nobody knows what's
in these chambers.
Beron: STOP !!
Background Castle
Background Marble
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