Past history

When King Turick reunited the human nations and the orc armies were pushed back over the sea, there was peace again in Morgua. A new era had begun.

But peace would not last very long. The dark priests of Mor-Durag were seeking for power in the country. They raised their dark temples just everywhere. The number of their worshippers quickly grew to the thousands The Temple of Doom and every day there were more of them. In the far south of the continent of the world known to the humans - they have never seen the land of the orcs - in the wide Alamari-Savannah they built their biggest and most powerful temple: The Temple of Doom. From there they were planning the doom of the world.

The Lords of the kingdom sent their bravest knights to expel the priests from the country and to destroy their temples. But the power of the priests was already great and nobody ever saw
the knights again. When in year 80 of the new era the sky darkened all over the entire country King Rowan, son of Darius, son of Turick, knew that the end of the world was near. He gathered a powerful army commanded by the mightiest Lords of the country and sent them The human army to the south to the Temple of Doom. If Rowan was 10 years younger he would had commanded the army to battle himself. But instead he gave the supreme command for the army to Lord Taurin of Wandolin.

The human forces were really great. And the warriors knew that this would become the decisive battle against the evil. Under no circumstances were they allowed to lose the battle. Otherwise the human race would be lost and the world in the way they know it would be destroyed. Chaos would fall over the country and the dark armies of Mor-Durag would sack and pillage the land and they would carry off the survivors to their home world to enslave them in their mines or to sacrifice them to their alien gods.
The army reached the Temple of Doom. But its walls had been enchanted by the magic power of the priests and became indestructible, and so the temple was an impregnable fortress. They decided to siege the temple and to starve out the priests. But after 5 days a terrible storm broke out and rushed around the temple. None of the brave warriors had ever seen such a storm before. The sky was pitch-black and the storm was the most terrifying thing that they had ever experienced. Colorful lightnings flashed around in The magic power of the priests it and ghostly grimaces shot through the air, accompanied with a fearful howl and a horrible cry which could not be from this world. The magic power of the priests tossed the soldiers up in the air and they fell down as sand.

When the gods saw this they decided to send some help to the humans. So they created a being with the beauty of light to raise their hope. And with the power of gods to protect them. It should descend from the skies with wings and
should punish the priests for their cruelties with the fire of justice. So they created the first angel that came to the realm of Morgua.

With fiery rage the angel engaged in combat. The sight of the winged being made the priests Kitana shiver. But even the angel was unable to enter the temple. But the appearance of the angel has significantly disturbed the end of the world ritual of the priests. Now they had to wait another 170 years until the three moons of Morgua would be in one line again.
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