Kitana - Prinzessin der Engel
April 14, 2013
After a long searching we have finally found a publisher for the Kitana comic book. The first part will presumably be released this summer at EPSiLON Verlag. The colorful fantasy comic which is Kitana pencilled and colored by Sabine Weiss excellently fits into the wide assortment of fantasy of EPSiLON.
It is the 25th July in the year 249 of the new era. A heavy snow Snow covered village storm is raging over the small savannah village of Vahali in the south of the continent - a location which has not seen any snow for 500 years now.

But this is just the beginning. Deep inside the savannah there is the fortress of evil. From there death and destruction are sent all over the country. Beron, the strong barbarian, has to enter the forbidden savannah to search for the origin of the
devastating power and to save his village from freezing to death. Beron And the mysterious sorceress Kira has motives to search for the source of the natural desaster in the savannah, too.

The adventure begins and takes the heroes Kitana, Beron and Kira to exotic cities, mystic temples, dark forests, and strange worlds.
Kitana - Princess of Angels
Temple of Doom
EPSiLON Verlag
Published by EPSiLON Verlag
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