Add-Ons are expansions to the game that consists of new monsters, mercenaries, and other characters, new equipment, traps, furniture, spells, and floor tiles. To install the content of the ZIP file has to be unpacked to the base directory of HeroQuest Online Plus. After that the game must be restarted.

Download Additional images: A collection of unused images that can be used for own items and spells.
Extra images / 13.08.2006 (256 KB)
Download EU Monsters: Original HeroQuest Monsters that were sold in European countries.
EU Monsters / 03.12.2006 (2 KB)
Download Balou's Big Pack: Quests and add-ons collection by Balou.
Balou's Big Pack / 06.11.2016 (76504 KB)

The following tools are applications written by HQO+ users and fans. is only hosting these applications but is neither responsible for their content or functionality nor does offer any support for these applications. Use on your own risk.
Download HQNotify v2.0: Notification tool that shows a small message on your computer when someone starts a new HQO+ game so you won't miss any game. Created by Woems.
HQNotify v2.0 / 06.11.2016 (290 KB)

The editors are powerful tools to create new graphics, items, monsters, and heroes. The editors should be installed to the base directory of HQO+.

Download BMP to HQB image convertor: Converts bitmap files (*.bmp) to the native HQO+ bitmap format.
Image convertor v1.55 / 20.06.2010 (254 KB)
Download Hero editor: To edit hero files or to create new hero classes.
Hero editor v0.948 / 01.06.2009 (537 KB)
Download Monster editor: To create or edit monsters, mercenaries, and neutral figures.
Monster editor v1.03 / 01.06.2009 (248 KB)
Download Equipment editor: Creates or edits inventory items, furniture, spells, etc.
Equipment editor v1.38 / 01.06.2009 (246 KB)
Language packs

Download English language pack by Coconutcoo:
English v1.00 / 24.10.2017 (54 KB)
Download Spanish language pack:
Spanish v0.51 / 03.05.2007 (56 KB)
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