HeroQuest is a fantasy board game where the players take the role of heroes who fight the evil. Each hero has unique special abilities. There are wizards who can cast mighty spells, battle-scarred barbarians, and skilled long-range fighters.

During the game the heroes explore the board more and more every turn. Behind every door and every corner there may lurk a horde of orcs or a fiercy ogre. A variety of different monsters controlled by the gamemaster is thwarting the heroes on their mission. If the players fight together and use their heroes and their abilities in a clever way they will achieve their aim. And on their way they will capture valuable treasures and equipment which the monsters have accumulated.

HeroQuest Online Plus

HeroQuest Online Plus brings the game to the Equipment internet. So players from all over the entire world can participate in the very same game. The server browser is showing all active games so there is no need to publish IP addresses in a complicated way. Up to 10 heroes can simultaneously fight together against the evil on the same board.
In addition to that HQO+ offers much much more than Hero list the original game. The board can be more than 100 times larger so that really big missions can be played on a mere endless board. The players can create their own heroes with new abilites, new treasures, weapons, armors, potions, spells, and other inventory items as well as new traps, artifacts, and furnitures. New monster, monsters that have equipment and that can cast spells. All heroes, monster, items, and rooms can have their own custom graphics to build unique missions and to design a hero that is matching your own ideas.

The board is variable and modular. By using the integrated map editor the gamemaster can build any number of rooms and corridors and decorate them with a variety of different tiles. Even during the running game it is still possible for the gamemaster to edit and extend the board. So you can add new rooms and corridors or remove those that you do not want.

During the game the server takes off lot of tasks from the gamemaster. The server knows all game rules and so can check all actions from the players and automatically process them. The server also reveals the newly explored rooms and shows just in time what the players can see there. Combat are fought automatically. The players just have to decide with which weapon their hero should attack which monster. Defeated monsters are automatically removed from the board and drop a treasure or a key if the gamemaster has designed it to
be so. Traps and secret doors will be automatically revealed , too, if a hero is searching for them. If a hero triggers a trap the server will interrupt his turn and processes the actions associated with the trap. Spells and special abilities are also automatically processed by the server when using them.

The gamemaster becomes completely disburdened by the server and so can fully concentrate on the movement of his own figures - the monsters. But the gamemaster can still bypass most of the rules to apply special rules to his map or to undo unwanted actions of the players or to adjust the difficulty level of the mission during the game to reflect the current number of players or circumstances.

Despite of the great automation the fun for all participants will Hero sheet not missed out. With the help of the integrated chat feature the players can talk to each other during the game, they can coordinate their actions and can continue the story by conversations with neutral figures. The statistics collected by the server also enrich the game. So the players can view how many monsters their hero has defeated so far - or how many monsters the other heroes have slain.
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