HeroQuest Online Plus

HQO+ version 0.954 beta is online now! The update fixes several bugs and adds new features to the client and the AI. In addition to that the networking module of the server has been optimized to speed up data transfer and to increase stability.

About HeroQuest Online Plus

HeroQuest Online Plus is the PC adaption of the famous fantasy tabletop game HeroQuest. The program is displaying the board, managing the heroes of the players and the figures of the gamemaster and implements the game rules. The game is played by the rules of the Brave-Edition. In contrast to the board game the gamemaster only has to move his own figures but does not have to assemble the explored rooms.

Screenshot The players can expand the game by new heroes, monsters, maps, traps, spells, equipment, and images for all this. New packets will be automatically downloaded by the other players so there is no program update or a webserver for downloads required. And the best thing is: HeroQuest Online Plus is free!

Developer forum

Download Main program (client) v0.954 / 08.05.2010:
HeroQuest Online Plus v0.954 beta (9856 KB)
Quickstart manual by Sahib:
Beta operation manual
Download Server (optional) v0.954 / 08.05.2010:
HeroQuest Online Plus Server v0.954 beta (344 KB)
Manual by Rognor:
Beta operation manual
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