The Entryhall
This is the entryhall of Princess Kitana's castle. From here you can directly reach the most important rooms of the castle. At the Arena you will find anything related to computer and console games. At the the Playground we are playing card games and browser online games. At the Throne Room you can create an account at Kitana's Castle and view and sign the guest book. At the Theatre Hall you will find role-playing stuff and fantasy tales and pictures. There you can also read the Kitana comic book and get background information on the world of Kitana. And at the Library you can study source codes for various programming languages as well as download programming examples.
Kitana painting where she is fighting the demon horde Kitana painting where she is fighting the kobold sorcerers on their drakes
Kitana painting where she flying on her pegasus over the mountains of solitude Kitana painting where she is sitting on the top of a church tower and watching the market place
Kitana painting where she is watching the mountains from the balcony of her castle
Doorway to the arena Doorway to the library
Doorway to the playground Doorway to the theatre hall
Doorway to the throne room
[2nd April 2013]


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