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Battle Isle 2020 v1.20 / 25.09.2023
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Battle Isle 2020 v1.20 (17883 kb)

Battle Isle 2020 What is Battle Isle 2020

Battle Isle 2020 is a Windows port of Battle Isle 2 and 3 which are a 1994 strategy game from German video game developer Blue Byte (now Ubisoft). At that time, Battle Isle 2 impressed with its complex scenarios with 54 different units consisting of tanks, infantry, trains, ships, submarines and aircraft. The game was played on maps with varied landscapes, where the terrain had a direct influence on the battles and thus the strategy. In addition, the terrain (and its properties) could change during the game due to changing weather, so that in heavy rain some tanks got stuck in the mud, but in freezing cold they could cross frozen lakes. Fuel, ammunition, and reconnaissance of the map further increased the game's strategy factor.

Battle Isle 2020 is a new implementation from scratch and is not based on the DOS code of Battle Isle 2. This means, Battle Isle 2020 natively runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 without any tools like DOSBox or other DOS emulators.

Since the program was completely redeveloped, there are some minor deviations in the game logic (damage calculation, visibility and movement range of the units on different terrain) as well as major deviations in the AI (see section "Features"). Besides this, Battle Isle 2020 aims to stay as close as possible to the original: Battle Isle 2020 uses the same graphics, sounds, music, and videos as Battle Isle 2 and 3 and all of Battle Isle 2's missions (including Titan's Legacy) as well as Battle Isle 3 missions can be played with Battle Isle 2020. And to go beyond the original to adapt the game from the 90s of the last century to current requirements. This includes a zoomable map so that the small graphics can be easily recognized on today's monitors. Simplified operation with either a keyboard or mouse. An AI that uses the processor speed of today's computers to both make better decisions and to make faster turns for less waiting time.

Battle Isle 2020 is written in PBCC (PowerBasic Console Compiler) and consists of more than 23.000 lines of BASIC coded distributed on more than 400 function plus some procedures in Assembly language. The entire output is done via DirectX, Windows Speech API, and many other Windows API calls. In addition to more than 800 hours of programming, roughly 60 hours went into decoding and understanding the various file formats of Battle Isle 2 and 3 and 25 hours into drawing new graphics for the interface of Battle Isle 2020.

What is required for Battle Isle 2020

Operation system: Windows XP (limited since DirectX 10.0 is required), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Video adapter: DirectX 10.0 compatible
Hard disk space: 670 MB
Internet: Optional (only for multiplayer mode)
Software: Battle Isle 2 (CD version or GOG Download)

Combat visualization Features

Battle Isle 2020 supports the entire range of functions of Battle Isle 2 with the exception of the three-dimensional representation of the battle sequences. In addition to that, Battle Isle 2020 includes many new features:

  • Usage of the entire screen at any resolution Map visualization
  • Map zoom
  • Simplified operation with mouse
  • Background music in MP3 / OGG format
  • Speech output for all in-game messages
  • Language can be switched any time between German and English
  • Multiplayer mode via LAN and internet
  • New singleplayer campaign with more than 20 maps
  • New multiplayer campaign with more than 20 maps
  • Secret missions (bonus maps that become accessible when fulfilling a secret mission objective)
  • Difficulty mode depending number of units
  • Improved AI
    • The AI simulates all possible combat situations and selects the fight with the best result for itself. This means that in case of doubt, the AI will also attack with a ranged combat unit in close combat in order to cause higher damage calculations by clamping or to completely destroy an opponent if the ranged combat damage would not be sufficient due to the ballistic penalty. Also, due to the simulation, the AI does not carry out any battles that would end with the destruction of its own unit.
    • The AI does not occupy any empty shops that its opponent could conquer back in the same turn causing the AI to lose the shops and the infantry used to occupy the shops.
    • In its shops, the AI first produces the units it needs most; then the strongest units from the production range.
    • The AI's turns take significantly less time than in Battle Isle 2.
  • Revised difficulty modes
    • Easy mode: Shared vision with allies, additional units for the human player (only in the new singleplayer campaign), map summary screen shows number of enemy units as well as resources available to enemies, the AI skips some tactical considerations.
    • Normal mode: Shared vision with allies, map summary screen hides enemy units and resources.
    • Hard mode: Shared vision with allies, additional units for the enemy AI (only in the new singleplayer campaign), map summary screen hides enemy units and resources, the AI uses additional tactical functions.

Multiplayer Lobby Multiplayer Mode

Battle Isle 2020 includes a server-based multiplayer mode. This allows players to play at the same time as in modern online strategy games (in contrast to Battle Isle 2, where a savegame had to be passed on from the active player to the next player after each move). The Battle Isle 2020 multiplayer mode supports all multiplayer maps of Battle Isle 2 as well as the multiplayer campaign (team mode) included in Battle Isle 2020 as well as all maps with multiple human players built with the map editor. Human players on the same team make their moves at the same time. Human players who are not in the active team receive updates on the map in real time through the actions of their opponents.

Multiplayer games can be started easily and teams can be arranged via the multiplayer lobby. The lobby lists all available games along with the players who have already joined the game. A game starts automatically as soon as the required number of human players has joined.

During the game, players can exchange chat messages with each other, which they can either send to their team or to all players. As in single player mode, the game can be saved at any time in multiplayer mode. The player who created the savegame can then reload it and enter the multiplayer lobby.

New Campaign

In addition to the normal campaign and Titan's Legagy (if installed), Battle Isle 2020 includes a completely new campaign entitled "Kitana's Castle". The campaign plays parallel to the events of the original Battle Isle 2 campaign and uses the features added with Battle Isle 2020.

Kitana's Castle campaign

Map Editor Map Editor

By using the included map editor, you can create your own maps for Battle Isle 2020 and Battle Isle 2. The map editor allows changing all map details as well as creating completely new maps.

Custom maps for Battle Isle 2020 can contain your own mission descriptions and game messages, which are spoken automatically by the integrated voice output of the game. Furthermore, own maps can use all units of Battle Isle 2 and Titan's Legagy. In addition to singleplayer maps, the mission editor can also be used to create multiplayer maps for both cooperative play and games against human players.

Map Editor


Visit the Battle Isle forum at Kitana's Castle to post questions around the game and the map editor or to search for players for an online match of Battle Isle 2020.

Battle Isle forum at Kitana's Castle